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Alberto is an artist who lives to inspire others with his contagious supply of creativity! Growing up in Naples, Italy, Alberto skillfully put his hands to many forms of art, including that of recording artistry, television and film production and painting. However, Alberto’s heart wouldn’t let him stray too far from his roots. As a child, Alberto spent many days next to his mother in the kitchen as she taught him how to cook Italian cuisine, in its most authentic form. He then went on to receive formal training from Forno, one of the most ancient and famous bakery rooms specializing in the 4ft long Roman-Style pizza. This training institute is located in Campo De Fiori, right in the center of Rome. Shortly after, he relocated to NYC so he could fill in the gap with a high-quality gourmet pizza. In 2009, he and his business partner opened Farinella Bakery, where they quickly became known for quick, casual food with a very chic presentation. "Cooking is just another form of art that I express myself with and leave people with the WOW factor." His desire is that everyone who dines with him will not only enjoy a tasty meal, but will have an opportunity to explore culture and get a taste of Rome, first hand.

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