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Intro Questions

Cookapp connects people who love to cook with those who love to eat and meet new people.

For hosts, It allows both pro chefs and amateur cooks to show their best stuff by hosting events in their home for friends, tourists and neighbors alike.

For guests, it provides a unique and social dinning experience where they can meet new people and eat great food, all at the chef's house. 

Join thousands of foodies as you explore new tastes and meet fun people. ​Share it with your friends and earn rewards. Meet & Eat. 

At Cookapp we are a group of entrepreneurs passionate about people and food

After searching endlessly for the perfect bite, we realized that nothing matches a great meal, shared with great people hosted by a great chef.  From this, Cookapp was born!

At Cookapp we stand for three principles:

1. Amazing food tastes better with others than when eaten alone

2. A painting is at its most beautiful when presented by the artist. Food is the same 

3. The experience is as important as the food

If you want to join our team, let us know and we'll be thrilled to meet you
If you are interested in writing about Cookapp or just want to give us a hug, feel free to contact us
If you are a pro chef or amateur cook interested in hosting a Cookapp event, apply here

Q&A | How does it work?

It's very easy:

1. Choose the meal that fits your taste
2. Select the date and total number of guests (including you!)
3. Click BOOK. That's all. Nice and easy.

You'll receive a confirmation email instantly with the chef's full address.  

In the United States, all major credit cards are accepted. Your spot is guaranteed once you payment is processed.

In all other countries, you can pay at the chef's house, directly to the chef. 

Sure, nobody has a time machine! To cancel your reservation go to Bookings and click on Cancel

If you cancel with more than 48hrs in advance, we'll reimburse you in full.
If you cancel between 24 and 48hrs in advance, we'll reimburse half of what you paid.
If you cancel within 24hrs of the event, we won't be able to reimburse.

Chefs buy their groceries ahead of time and imagine how frustrating it must be to be left with all that food!

Q&A | Foodies Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! Just make sure to add the additional number of people to the reservation. Feel free to notify them by adding their e-mails on the last step, right before confirming the reservation. 
If you booked already, just make a new booking for your lucky friends. 

Check the house rules. It's all up to chef's discretion. If the house rules don't specify a preference, feel free to contact the chef directly: There's a 'Message me' button on every Chef's profile page. 

Cookapp chefs label their menus, so make sure you read them carefully. If there's something you can't eat, feel free to contact the chef with your questions. 

Did you check out our Cookapp Principles? Please behave as if you were at a friend's house. Be respectful, have fun and enjoy your dinner. Cookapp meals are a great opportunity to make new friends, as long as you're nice.

Just let the cook know. Go to your Bookings and send the chef a message letting him know. 

Please cancel your booking as soon as you realize it. The chef will be automatically notified. 

To cancel your booking, go to Bookings and click on Cancel

If you cancel with more than 48hrs in advance, we'll reimburse you in full.
If you cancel between 24 and 48hrs in advance, we'll reimburse half of what you paid.
If you cancel within 24hrs of the event, we won't be able to reimburse.

Chefs buy their groceries ahead of time and imagine how frustrating it must be to be left with all that food!

Cookapp hosts range from professional chefs to amateur cooks who work during the week and cook over the weekend. You'll be sure to find a wide variety of personalities!

Our Cookapp chefs definitely have one thing in common: they all share a passion for food, flavor and more than anything, hosting people. 

Read chefs' reviews and check what experience best fits your style. Then, book your seat and invite friends! 

Q&A for Cooks

Complete this form and we'll get in touch with you at light speed! 

Once you've been approved, we'll send a professional photographer to your house for a photo session of you cooking. Believe us, hosting a Cookapp meal is an awesome experience. 

Cookapp is free to list! We do charge a fee to the chef once a meal is booked. Fees depends on each country, so contact us if you are interested in learning more. 

Guests lists let you:

  • Know the exact number of guests that will attend your meal
  • Know the identity of your guests: name, telephone number and profile picture of the users who booked the meal.
  • Track who's present and who's late, in order to help you welcome them personally and calling / messaging the late ones to check their status

Step by step guide to print your guest lists or watch the video instead

1. Click on My listings

2. Click on the event date you want to see

3. Click on the print icon and Voilà!

Marketing your event

Now that your event is posted and people we want to work with you to make sure that your event is sold out. We will be active through social media to market your event but we want you to work with your personal network of people as well.  Below are a few ideas that we have found to be successful for chefs around the world to market to their friends and family. Please let us know if you have any questions!

1. Facebook: Post your event on FB with a short and friendly text inviting people to join them. If you have already hosted a Cookapp event, you can also post some of your reviews. This motivates users to attend! You can also share our posts promoting your event!
 Example: "Just signed up to be a Cookapp host. Who's coming over for dinner? #foodiesunite"
2. Twitter: Tweet pictures of food you've made and the preparation of the event. We can use hash tags such as #foodiesunite or create a specific hash tag for your event.
3. Instagram: Post pictures of your event and create pictures with information (type of food, date, time but NOT the address).
4. Personal Email Marketing: Let your friends know about your event! You can send the complete menu, pictures and reviews too!
5. Blog: If you have a blog, you can tell about the experience on Cookapp and how can people get to know each other while eating home-made delicious food. If you don't have a blog, you can contact people having one and ask them to write about your event.
6. Youtube: You can film yourself cooking, presenting the people that will be with you on the day of the event in an original way. This is a good way for people to get to know well, and for yourself to show as a great cook and host!
7. Pinterest: Take pictures of all the food you prepare so you can create an album. The cover picture can be a picture with Cookapp's website, event date and type of food.
8. Linkedin: You can promote your event through Linkedin too! If your Linkedin profile is related to the gastronomic world, this is a great option!


People make reservations through the main Cookapp website or through the App on their Iphone or Ipad.

Guests will have to make an additional new reservation for any persons they want to add to a specific event. You will be immediately notified of new reservations.
If guests want to decrease their reservation size, they have to cancel their original reservation and make a new one right afterwards. 

If a guest cancels more than 24 hours in advance they will receive a full refund. If a guest cancels less than 24 hours in advance or does not show up they will not receive a refund and you will still be paid for the reservation.

Although this is rare, if your Cookapp event does not have any reservations will reschedule. If you only have a few reservations we ask that you follow through with hosting your event.

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen.  If you have to cancel your event we ask that you reschedule if possible. Please contact your guests to inform them of the cancellation and reschedule date.


You design the menu and set the price! It’s important to be fair and provide value for the price your guests pay. We suggest that you keep a few things in pricing your menu:
1. The cost of your product (food/beverage cost), taxes, tips and any additional expenses you may incur for your event
2. Cookapps commission fee

Payment issued each Monday following your event date.

We deposit all payments directly into your bank account. You don’t need to worry about payment or processing.

Cookapp fee depends by country. Get in touch with us and we'll answer any question you have! 

Security & Safety

Yes! We are proud to say that we have never had a safety issue at a Cookapp event. You are aware of who is coming over before they arrive, and your guests only receive the address after they have made a reservation and submitted payment. We also verify guests phone number beforehand. 

Our users include a diverse range of people passionate about food and meeting new people. This includes locals, travelers, friends of friends and people who love food. We give you access to all guest information before the guests arrive, so you know who to expect in your home.

We maintain general liability insurance which provides coverage in the event something may happened during a Cookapp event. For more information regarding our insurance policy please contact us

Q&A | Rewards

Each time you go to a Cookapp you earn 1 Chef hat. Once you earn 6 hats, you earn a $200 code to go to any Cookapp you want. 

Also, each time a friend you referred to Cookapp goes to a meal for their first time, you also earn a Cookapp hat.

Share Cookapp and start earning hats! 

1. Go to Share and Get Rewarded on

2- Share Cookapp through: 

- Facebook: clicking on the Facebook button, you'll share your unique URL on your Facebook timeline. Once a friend clicks on it, signs up and latter buys a Cookapp meal, you earn a hat. 

- Twitter: clicking on the Twitter link will let you share Cookapp with your followers and earn hats after they signup and buy Cookapp meals. 

- Copy & paste your unique link on emails, chats or wherever you want. Once your friends signup and buy a Cookapp meal, you'll earn your hat. 

A hat is Cookapp's measure of points. Each 7 chef hats you earn a promotional code for $50 for your next meal. 

1. Go to Share and get rewarded on your profile at

2- Share Cookapp through: 

- Facebook: clicking on the Facebook button, you'll share your unique URL on your Facebook timeline. Once a friend clicks on it, signs up and latter buys a Cookapp meal, you earn a hat. 

- Twitter: clicking on the Twitter link will let you share Cookapp with your followers and earn hats after they signup and buy Cookapp meals. 

- Copy & paste your unique link on emails, chats or wherever you want. Once your friends signup and buy a Cookapp meal, you'll earn your hat. 

We'll get in touch with you with a $50 gift promotional code to use on any Cookapp meal you want. 

From View past activity on your Cookapp account, you can check what friends you invited went to their first Cookapp meal. 

From your Past Activity resumé, you can check your trophies, hats and each event that earned you a hat, such as the meals you attended plus the first meals your referred friends attended.

Your trophy is a $50 promotional code you can easily apply at checkout, before confirming the purchase. It says "promotional code", enter your promotional code and after you hit apply, we'll discount the whole amount.

Yes, and it's an excellent gift!

The promotional code is unique and valid for 3 months since the date you won it. You can give it to anyone you want :)

We do not refund promotional codes, but If you used a promotional code, and you can't assist to your dinner, remember to cancel it on time and you'll be able to use it again. If you can't cancel it on time, invite a friend to the Cookapp meal and let the chef know. 

Sure! You can accumulate as many trophies you want. Though remember they do have an expiration date, hurry up and enjoy your well deserved meals :) 

Yes they do. The promotional codes we issue with each trophy expire on 3 months. Hurry up and enjoy your well deserved Cookapp meals :)

Sure. Just remember to add your friends registered email as a guest on the checkout page. 

If they're not signed up to Cookapp yet, no problem: remember them to signup up before the event's date so that they earn their hat too :) 


No problem. You won't have to pay anything!

Keep in mind you won't be able to use the remaining different between the promotional code and the meal price. 

No problem. You'll use the promotional code and pay with credit card for the rest of the Cookapp. 

Photography Service

The photography process is a critical step in being successful as a Cookapp Chef! We want the photos to tell a story, you showcase your culinary skills and to give your guests an idea of what they can expect with their Cookapp experience. 
Once we schedule a photo shoot with you, it your job to prepare accordingly. The photoshoot will focus on the space including the dining room, your kitchen and prep area, food, and photos of you.  It will last approximately one hour, as we strive to be as efficient as possible, please be ready when we arrive and read through the following FAQS.

There is no cost to the chef for the photoshoot, it is part of the service that we provide!

Cookapp does maintain ownership of all photos. You can use the photos to promote your Cookapp event, but unauthorized use of Cookapp photos is prohibited.

Review the following steps before your photo shoot, the photographer will focus on the following:

1. The Kitchen
Prepare your kitchen and space as if it was the day of the event.  Please make sure the space is clean and well organized, we will pay close attention to special items like:

  • Tools and gadgets
  • Cutlery, bake ware
  • Cookware
  • The overall kitchen space
2. The Chef
We will be taking a combination of profile photos and shots of you in action! It’s important to be presentable including hair, make-up, and clothing. Keep in mind these photos will be used for you main profile!
3. The Table and Entertaining Space
We will focus on shots of each area that will be used for entertaining, including:
  • Where people will be seated
  • The table set up; plates, bowls, serving set, glassware, utensils, center pieces etc.
  • Things that make the home and place unique
4. The Food
Food pictures are the main reason people book an event, and your preparation plays a big part in the quality and number of high quality photos we take. We shoot for a diverse range of colors, depth, and composition which will make an awesome photo! Please be prepared to cook at least two dishes from your menu, we will also focus on individual ingredients and you prepping, cooking and plating.
Note: Avoid plastic or paper plates, cups, utensils whenever possible as real china, glassware, silverware shows off food much better.

Contact the Cookapp team

Foodie? Email us at
Chef? Email us at
Press? Email us at