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Cookapp lets you make money doing what you love, cooking.

Cookapp lets you invite friends, travelers and neighbors to dine at your house.
Get ready to cook, meet new people and have fun!

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You cook, we'll take care of the rest.

  • We'll find your customers, you cook
  • We process payments, and transfer you the money
  • Manage your events calendar online
  • We'll promote your meals - everywhere, all the time
  • It's free to list
  • You have a real audience. Interact!

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Once you've been approved, we'll send a professional photographer to your house for a photo session of you cooking. Believe us, hosting a Cookapp meal is an awesome experience. 

Cookapp is free to list! We do charge a fee to the chef once a meal is booked. Fees depends on each country, so contact us if you are interested in learning more. 
Guests lists let you:
  • Know the exact number of guests that will attend your meal
  • Know the identity of your guests: name, telephone number and profile picture of the users who booked the meal.
  • Track who's present and who's late, in order to help you welcome them personally and calling / messaging the late ones to check their status

Step by step guide to print your guest lists or watch the video instead

1. Click on My listings

2. Click on the event date you want to see

3. Click on the print icon and Voilà!

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